Bridal Party

So we asked our Bridal Party How We Met…and what they look forward to most about our wedding……Here are their responses…

l met my twinney when I was 5 years old, and once we found out we were only 2 days apart we were literally attached at the hips from then on… we are first cousins.

My twinney and I have been through this thing called life together and she is the yin to my yang.  We are the same person in two different bodies. She may be a bit nicer lol but she is the strongest most amazing human being I have ever loved and I can’t wait until she marries an equally amazing human being Olu.

Hola! My name is Moyo aka Mobabes, and I’m Awele’s Ozzband lol. It’s said that we find the best friends and create the most meaningful relationships in college, and I couldn’t agree more! I met my roomieozzbandbestiesisterfriend 10years ago at THE Morgan State University, GO Bears! We went from the “turn up ’til dawn” life to the “turn up for Jesus” life together. Won’t He Do it?!

I look back over the years of morphing and matrix(insider), and I chuckle because God literally forced me on her without her knowing it. I can’t imagine who else I could’ve spent the last 4 years living with; this bond is fo’EVA shawty. We’ve learned each other and seen each of our strengths in our most vulnerable moments. She’s taught me a lot about being a sister, a friend, and a woman. She has a beautiful heart, spirit, and have you seen her smile?!

Hmm, Olu is blessed o! I absolutely can’t wait for the Big day! I am MOST excited about…..EVERYTHING! Are you kidding me?! My ozzband is getting married, and we fitna throwback to Morgan Nights in full effect. We’re gonna turn up like we never left the scene. Ya dig?!

I met Charlene one day after immunology class at Morgan State University. After class I randomly complimented her on her hair. From that moment on, I became her hairdresser by fire by force. Lol! Seriously, from that moment we began a friendship that has aged gracefully each day like wine. She has supported me in my weakest moments, laughed with me until we cried, fought for me in prayer, and has been my big sister, nurse, co-CEO, prayer partner, housemate, and best friend in and out of season.

On August 20th, I look forward to seeing her happy next to the amazing man she has prayed so diligently for, the excessive hugs I will give, and the turn up!

Love you Charlito Lirro Pirro Shmeeto! Ose o! Baba God!

I met Charlene at Morgan State during my sophomore year of college. A friend introduced us and we instantly clicked! Since then we’ve had each other’s backs through trying moments and through the most beautiful moments such as this! Even though we are miles away from each other, distance could never break this bond.

I honestly would not have made it through some of the toughest stages in my life without her…. some food to eat, a place to sleep, someone to watch my dog, someone to do drive-bye’s with lol…. whatever the need was, she was there. When everyone else seemed to disappear on me…. she was always there with a listening ear and a loving heart.

I am mostly looking forward to seeing God’s glory shine on Charlene and Olu on August 20th and throughout their marriage. On that blessed day, I pray Charlene receives all the love times ten that she has unselfishly given out.

I met Charlene in the main office of the Honors Department of the Illustrious Morgan State University. We became so close that Charlene became the unofficial eighth member of the ISA dance team Essence.

I am MOST looking forward to Cash Money taking over for the ’99 and the 2000’s at the reception

It was a beautiful Sunday, in the early 90’s and God decided that Dorothy needed one more child to make her dynasty complete.  Alas! The princess was born into the world. Stealing Charlene’s birthday month and her face! Haha! We’re exactly 8 years apart and 8 days but it feels like 8 seconds.

So “How I met her?” well I’ve known her all my life.

But fun fact: When I was younger I used to stare at her while she’s sleeping and wait for her to open her eyes haha I guess you can say I’ve been her fan ever since.

What I look forward to the MOST about the wedding?

THE TURNUP!! haha nah but forreal I can’t wait to see how everything plays out.
I know through the hype of planning a wedding, the marriage is most important. So I’m really excited to see how God uses the both of them!

It’s lit!! #BaddieBridemaids Squad is on point, there’s no telling what we could pull out our sleeves.  It’s about to be a movie!!

Steve and I met over the summer almost a decade ago, at a cook out. He was sizing my truck as I was sizing his truck out. I originally was like who is this skinny Nick Cannon look-alike think he is? I never in a million years thought he would become my road warrior. I ended up moving away for college and he was the first friend to come visit me. That’s when we forged that brotherhood that can’t be broken. Friends come and go, but brothers are brothers for life.

I’m happy that my brother from another mother has found his coming to Africa Queen. It’s a journey I’d proudly take with him, whether I need to shake him on that day or give him a kick. I’m happy for them and I know this was part of God’s plan. Love Freddie Mac

I met Steve 2002/2003 on a Sunday afternoon in church (RCCG Bowie) with a tight muscle shirt … and will leave the rest of the details unpublished.

Through the days and memories from cook stizz through Solo link and now, I am glad that you met the bone of your bone.I am also glad that you listened and you waited for your Isaac. The power of patience is key. Congratulations to you and Awele. Your big day is BLESSED! Yours truly, Abiodun Power.

I met “Chief” in 2010 and he has always been the same God-fearing brother who you can count on to share sound advice or a joke or two at any given moment.

I’m excited for the future Mr. & Mrs. Adinlewa as they embark on their beautiful journey and I am looking forward to a day filled with plenty of love, Nigerian jollof, and loads of enjoyment!

Steve and I have known each other much longer than my memory can pinpoint. The relationship between our families extends past us.

However, I do remember, at the parties back in the day…clear the dance-floor when Michael Jackson’s ‘I’m Bad’ came on.

Chief (Olumide) and I met in the mid-2000’s. Always having heard about my namesake from mutual friends, I looked forward to meeting the guy and got an opportunity to do so during a party. The meeting was memorable and has obviously led to me being a part of his union.

I am honored to have the privilege to lead one of the few good men I know in life into a well-deserved union to a woman whom I know he’s chosen carefully and vetted well through the Lord.

I really got a chance to build a bond with Steve when we took a trip to Miami a few years back. From that trip, I learned that Steve is truly considerate to other peoples needs. Not only was he a solid team player and contributor to the trips success, he provided the comedic relief. Before that trip we had a friendship and after that trip we became brothers.

I look forward to the groom’s first look at his bride, seeing them exchange vows, good fun and a great atmosphere.