Wow.  I had no idea that my fiancé was scheming with my best friends and family from the time he began courting me. I was still floating on my cloud nine thousand over having my prayers answered with him being in my life.  We just celebrated a sweet Christmas with my family and with that season being so busy, Olumide and I agreed to have a quiet relaxing dinner before the New Years Eve plans came again.

I should have known. There were so many clues. But again they knew me. “The make-up gift card” from my sister Winniefred, the mysterious disappearance of my friends, some of my siblings having a panic attack when they thought I knew, Olumide’s nervousness! Lol! But they got me. I was so hungry I could not process fully what was going on. 

On a cold December night, in front of a planned photographer whom I almost fought, and the most beautiful Christmas tree, my honey Olumide under the disguise of fixing my jacket to make me turn around, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him while mine and his family emerged from their hiding place with flowers and a poem he wrote.  It. Was. Perfect.